Best Tips on How to Maintain Paint Protection Film with Diamond Shield Management Korea


The exterior paint is the first thing people see, and it’s one of the most attractive automobile features, so people often install the protective film to ensure it lasts longer. Aside from aesthetics, it helps safeguard your vehicle from pollution, contamination, rust, deterioration, or decay. Therefore, ensuring your paint protection film lasts as long as possible is essential.

Companies like Diamond Shield Management Korea specialize in ensuring your protective film lasts longer by preparing the aftercare services. Read on if you’re looking for tips on maintaining your film or improving its longevity.

Immediate Post-Installation Aftercare

The aftercare directly after installation is the most crucial period because a single misstep could cause the film to dislodge or displace sooner. The post-application curing process could take around a week to a month, so you must be prepared to leave your car at a reasonable temperature for a long time.

Here are some of the things Diamond Shield Management Korea advises you should do immediately after installation:

  • Avoid touching the film bubbles because they are part of the curing process and will naturally dissipate around a month after installment. You should avoid touching the film altogether.
  • Resist washing or waxing your car for at least seven days to ensure that the moisture between the film and paint will settle properly. High humidity and low temperatures will cause a delay in the curing procedure.
  • If possible, don’t use the vehicle for at least a week to make sure that the film doesn’t get too hot or cold. However, if you need to use your car, you should be careful about the pressure on the coating to avoid issues during curing.

The first month is important, but it would still be best if you cared for the film even after the curing period. Proper maintenance and cleaning habits can bypass wear and tear caused by abrasion and harsh chemicals.

Protective Film Self Maintenance

If you want something done right, you need to do it yourself. According to Diamond Shield Management Korea, cleaning the car yourself at home will improve the lifespan of your paint protection film as most commercial carwashes use high-pressure hoses and rollers.

Here are some of the cleaning tips to extend your protective film’s strength:

  • Avoid permanent stains by immediately removing droppings and dead bugs.
  • Use lacquer thinner and 99% isopropyl alcohol for extra challenging cleans.
  • Apply car soap wash with soft microfiber rags.
  • Don’t use rough or abrasive materials.

You should apply wax at most once every quarter and avoid using polishing equipment, powder detergent, or powdered buffers. Don’t pick at the edges of the film or clean your car under the sun’s heat.


The best way to prolong a protective film’s lifespan is to take the first week to month seriously, avoid using the vehicle for that period and ensure your car is in well-regulated temperatures. You can ensure longevity after the curing time by doing straightforward and routine maintenance steps, so the film doesn’t come off quickly.