What Kind of Things You Can Know In the acura rdx 2022 review


In terms of sales, crossover sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are still outpacing formerly popular family haulers including sedans, minivans, and conventional sport utility vehicles. The new Acura RDX, which got a revamp for the 2019 model year, was thus expected to be in great demand.

Moreover, it’s a big hit. The all-new Acura RDX has been on the market for a year and has already surpassed all previous sales records for the brand. It’s also Acura’s second-best-selling luxury SUV and third-best-selling luxury car overall in the United States, based on sales numbers released by the automaker recently. Choosing the 2022 acura rdx reviews is essential for you.

What Owners of Acura Vehicles Have to Say

Before delving into the details of our Acura RDX review, it’s helpful to know who buys this compact luxury SUV and what their favourite and least favourite features are.

Acura RDX owners have the same sentiments as other people who purchase compact premium SUVs. It’s not uncommon for automobile owners to agree and disagree with one other on a range of issues. The high cost of upkeep and the gaudy look set them apart from one another.

When it comes to the RDX’s interior design, exterior styling, driving dynamics, visibility and safety features (in decreasing order), owners say they love them all. Owners of the RDX express dissatisfaction with the vehicle’s engine and transmission, storage and space, climate control, information and entertainment system, and fuel economy (in decreasing order). There are more that you will be able to know in the acura rdx 2022 review.

Exactly What Our Guru Thinks Of It

Each of the 10 APEAL Study categories will be covered in the following sections by an industry expert. The MDX’s traditional lines and angles are wrapped around a framework that seems to be the result of a two-month Peloton experiment on the outside of the RDX. This gives the RDX a more sophisticated appearance. The end product is sleeker, curvier, and more appealing, and it quickly commands favourable attention.

The A-Spec Package on the test vehicle gave it a stunning blacked-out and sporty look. It was painted in a high-end finish dubbed Performance Red Pearl. To put it another way, these cosmetic tweaks undoubtedly gave it an air of aristocracy.

Interior The fit-and-finish of the RDX A-Spec will leave you dumbfounded once you step inside the vehicle. There aren’t many defects, and the materials utilised to make the product are both aesthetically beautiful and delightful to the touch. Inside the test car, black leather upholstery with perforated suede inserts was employed. White contrast stitching and white piping were also applied to the automobile to make it stand out even more.

A System for Managing the Climate

Acura uses separate modules to contain the temperature control system’s buttons and displays. Aluminium outlines divide this module from the other parts of the centre display. Auto, which intelligently engages front seat heating and ventilation depending on whether or not it is assessed to be necessary, is a welcome addition to the system’s ability to quickly chill the interior.


Acura has built a successful product with the 2020 RDX. Because of this, the Acura brand appeals to a wider audience than only younger buyers, thanks to its youthful and approachable nature in appearance and content as well as in execution and driving ability. Style and substance: in terms of appearance and usability.