Variety Of ATV Chain Design To Choose

ATV Chain

Chain design for the ATV tires makes them attractive and enhances the tire’s performance. The chain is put over the tire to help scale ATVs ride over frozen surfaces. The ATV riders having concern for their outer tire tubes get a covering over the tires to keep them from getting damaged and extend the longevity of the tires.

ATV tires donned with chains affect the performance as well. Based on the desired result, the style of the chain can be chosen. A wide variety of styles are available for the tire to make the riders pick the one that reflects and suits their personality. For evident traction on in-snow and heavy ice laid surface, the chains give a smooth coverage of the ATV. The vehicles don’t fail to deliver results as promised by the name itself.

The ATV’s inner and outer tires can be protected from getting stuck on the snow surface and simultaneously deliver an impeccably smooth ride. The rider may choose any of the designs from the variety of plans available for the chain. Check out the designs from the following list of points to make a rational decision on adopting a particular strategy.

  • Diamond U-Grip

The diamond pattern U-grip manifests the tire’s performance on snow and flat ice surfaces. The sturdy nature and the durability of the tires remain intact for a long time. The ATV chain can be used to offer incredible durability due to its unique features of the heat treatment process and large material size.

  • Diamond V-Bar

The V-shaped design specifically offers the ATV rider the twist link, and case hardened diamonds for durability and strength. The v-bar over the tire’s surface provides a smooth gliding experience for ATV users. It is ideal to be used in the woods and slopes to the serious off-road. It offers clearance between the ATV inner tube of the tire and the shocks.

  • Diamond Studded

The diamond-studded chain is the perfect fit for aggressive moves over the terrains. It is the most demanded ATV chain because of its traction applications. It has two robotically welded studs at every link, thus providing extremely aggressive traction. It allows more tire coverage for increased ground contact. Indeed, it offers ice-breaking capabilities over edgy and icy surfaces.

  • Ladder Pattern

Flowy ATV tire chains help to operate on icy surfaces smoothly. It’s a universal fit for all sports and rough terrains. It comes in either a two-link space or a four-link spacing. Hence, providing a more precise and smoother ride.

Conclusive Note

The designs which offer jerk-free rides with the unique feature of heat treatment help to scale the icy terrain without any hassle. The ATV chains with a tight fitting will ensure that the tire doesn’t get damaged due to the ice. Indeed the storage capacity of the chain in high-quality polyethylene cases would ensure its long life. The chain-linked tires cannot be taken on the road as they will leave marks on the surface. However, these chains offer superior traction and control under extreme weather conditions and are usually used during heavy snowfalls.