Some Important Maintenance Tips For Your Electric Bike


Electric bikes are fun but just like any other vehicle, they need proper maintenance. If you own an electric commuter bike but are not taking care of it, you may end up paying too much for its repairs later. If you want to keep your e-bike in top-notch condition, then regular maintenance is very important. E-bikes are not like bikes that run on fuel but need the same type of maintenance as both mechanical and electrical parts are involved in their construction. So, if you’ve recently bought an e-bike or are planning to buy one, you must know the following maintenance tips.

Clean your e-bike regularly

When your e-bike is being used daily, the dirt, dust, and debris collected on its surface start entering the mechanics. It may later affect the motor and can even cause chain-block problems. To avoid such problems, you must wash your e-bike regularly, and once or twice a week would be enough. You can wash your bike with normal water but pressurized hoses are not recommended for washing. The water stream can affect the electrical equipment of the bike and it can even wear down the build quality of some parts.

Keep it lubricated

When you bike an electric road bike, you must keep the major moving parts well lubricated. One of the main components is the chain and you must use a cleaning solution to clean it before and then apply lubricant to it. If you’re a regular rider, it is suggested that you must lube the chain at least once a month.

Always keep the tyre pressure in check 

E-bikes don’t work without pressure in the tires so you should keep checking if the tyres need more air by checking the sidewalls. One easy way to do this is to measure how far they will stand up when you press your finger into the side of them. It’s also important to realize one should generally get a bike pump and inflate their tyres themselves rather than relying on others or even worse. Make sure you double-check for cracked or worn-out tubes as well because those are not issues that should be ignored completely.

Keep an eye on the battery

The battery is the most important part of an electric bike as it runs on it. Before you buy an electric bike, you have to figure out what size of the battery would be the best for your usage. Hence, you should know how frequently it must be charged and is there any particular way of charging it otherwise you’ll end up damaging the battery.

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