How often should I check my brake fluid level?


Brakes are important safety devices that stop or slow down vehicles. They are located at the front and back of each wheel. When they fail, they can cause serious accidents.

Brake fluid helps cool the brakes and lubricate them. If you don’t replace the brake fluid regularly, it can become contaminated and cause problems with the braking system and also effect on the valuation of your car. You may notice a change in your vehicle’s performance if there is too little brake fluid.

How do I know when to replace my brake fluid?

The life span of brake fluid depends on how much you use your brakes. The recommended service interval for most cars is every two years or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first). However, some manufacturers recommend replacing brake fluid before this point. For example, many Ford models have an oil-level warning light that will turn on if the brake fluid has been low for a long time. This light will go out after the brake fluid is replaced.

What causes brake fluid to leak from my brake lines?

There are several reasons why brake fluid could leak from your brake lines. One reason is a worn piston seal. A worn piston seal allows air into the brake line which reduces pressure and makes the brake pedal feel “spongy” or soft. Another possible problem is a broken hose clamp. Hose clamps are usually made of metal and can be hard to spot. If you find one loose, tighten it by hand until it clicks into place.

How do I fix a leaking brake line?

To repair a leaking brake line, remove the brake master cylinder cap and locate the brake line. Remove any old brake fluid using a funnel. Then, insert a new brake line into its proper position. Replace the cap and reinstall the master cylinder. Make sure to keep the brake pedal depressed while doing so.

If you need help locating a brake line, check under the hood. Brake lines run along the bottom of the engine compartment. Look for a rubber tube attached to the frame. If you see a hole where the tube attaches to the frame, it’s probably a brake line.


I’ve had my brakes checked recently and the mechanic said my rear brakes were fine but he also told me that my front brakes needed work. He didn’t say what kind of work was needed. Is it normal for the front brakes to need work?


It’s not uncommon for the front brakes to wear faster than the rear brakes. That’s because the front wheels tend to get the brunt of the stopping power. As a result, the front tires wear faster than the rear tires. Also, the front brakes are closer to the ground than the rear brakes. So, the front brakes must absorb more force as they come up against the road surface.

In addition, the front brakes are exposed to dust, dirt and debris that can shorten their lifespan. To prevent damage to your brakes, make sure to clean them regularly. Use a brush or vacuum cleaner attachment to suck up debris.


My car has a manual transmission and I’m wondering if I should buy a clutch kit for it. What would be the difference between a manual transmission and automatic transmission?


A manual transmission uses a clutch to engage gears. An automatic transmission does not require a clutch. Instead, it engages gears automatically when the driver presses down on the gas pedal. Both types of transmissions use a torque converter to transfer energy from the engine to the drivetrain.

The biggest advantage of a manual transmission is that it gives drivers greater control over gear selection. They can choose between four forward speeds and reverse. In contrast, automatic transmissions offer only three forward speeds and no reverse. Manual transmissions also allow for quicker shifts. Automatic transmissions take longer to shift gears.

Another benefit of a manual transmission is the ability to manually disengage gears without having to push a button. With an automatic transmission, you’ll always have to depress the clutch pedal in order to change gears.

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