5 Reasons to Adopt an Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet


Every business owner is concerned with sustainability.  Customers and employees alike want companies to take a responsible position in the fight against climate change, it’s always the bottom line.  Technology has made leaps and has come a long way this past decade, and upgrading to electric vehicles (EV) for your fleet can bring the sustainability you want at a cost you can afford. Here are the top 5 reasons to develop an EV fleet for your business today

#1 – EVs are Good for the Environment

Environmental concerns might seem like a low-hanging fruit since everybody knows that EVs are the responsible choice for sustainability.  However, the knock-on effects for your business are greater now than ever.  Customers appreciate companies that take an active role in green leadership.  Furthermore, current and future employees appreciate employers who take an active role in preserving their health and well-being. Look at this as PR and possible marketing opportunity for your brand.

Marketing your company as an innovator that takes climate responsibilities and employee health seriously will increase customer loyalty and employee engagement.  In addition, you will inspire more widespread EV adoption throughout your community in the long run.  Reputation and social trust are the most critical drivers of new business, and an EV fleet can give a massive boost to both.

#2 – EVs Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel is the highest cost of running a fleet, and electric vehicles cost less per mile to fuel.  This simple economic factor compounds as your fleet increases in size; that is to say, the more extensive your fleet is, the more you will save. In addition, if your business is customer-facing, you can further offset the cost of fuel by monetizing your EV-charging infrastructure thereby future proofing your vehicle based business by thinking ahead.

#3 – No 3rd-party Fuel

Having your own charging infrastructure also removes the need for 3rd-party fuel delivery.  Every moving part, whether in a vehicle or a business, is another opportunity for something to go wrong.  If you don’t need to schedule gas deliveries, you are less likely to overspend or experience interruptions in service. EV-charging stations installed and ready to charge are just another forward thinking solution.

#4 – Your Employees Will Waste Less Time and Money

If you do not have on-site fuel, your employees need to spend time driving to the gas station, filling the tanks, and possibly returning.  Striving for efficiency, your drivers will probably go to the nearest station but may pay a higher price with ever changing fuel costs. Either way, you pay in time or money. EV fleets can charge overnight and with the right fleet management software, you can optimize vehicle rotations and charging schedules to maintain peak efficiency and save yourself more money in the long run.

#5 – EV Fleets Require Less Routine Maintenance

You lose more revenue the longer your vehicles sit waiting for maintenance. Regular vehicles require frequent oil changes and transmission flushes, among other things.  Electric vehicles have fewer parts and systems prone to mechanical failure.  For example, EVs only require brake fluid, coolant, and windshield washer fluid.  Over an entire fleet, the reduced operational costs can make an enormous difference, and your vehicles will spend more time driving and less time idle in a maintenance bay waiting on repairs or assessment..

We’ve laid out the benefits of electric vehicles, its time to conduct additional research before you make a decision on potentially developing an EV fleet. There is one truth; electric vehicles will dominate the roads whether you adopt this technology now or later. Why not reap the benefits of EVs now rather than later?

Adopt an EV Fleet and Grow Your Business

Growing your fleet-based business is about more than reliably delivering the goods.  You are positioning yourself as a leader in the community, adopting new tech that benefits the lives of every stakeholder.  Moreover, see this as trimming the fat – reduce costs as you waste less time.  Finally, you must keep your fleet out of the maintenance bay and on the road.

Electric vehicles are eco-friendly, efficient, and easier to maintain than their gas-powered counter parts.  With enough coolant, a reliable battery, and durable brakes, an EV fleet will keep your customers satisfied without interruption.  Adopting a fleet of EVs could be the best decision to take your fleet-based business into a prosperous future.