Shipping A Car to Oklahoma: What You Need to Know?


Oklahoma is a very popular tourist place in this world. In fact, some thousands of people visit this place every year from different parts of the world. This place is especially favorite among photographers. The stunning mountains, refreshing waterfalls, what not, you can really find so many amazing things here. If you are planning to spend your holidays here with your friends or family then it is better to take your car with you here. 

If Oklahoma is nearby to the place where you currently live now, you can happily drive your car there. In fact, it wouldn’t be a much stressful journey. However, if you are from some other country or state, you must take the help of a trustworthy shipping company in your location to ship your car to Oklahoma. You can use the services of the same shipping company to ship your car from Oklahoma to the place where you currently live, once your trip comes to end. 

The whole shipping process will be hassle free, when you choose the right company for your car shipping. Choose a company like Ship a Car, Inc always, if you are looking for the best and affordable car shipping services. Contact their team online to know how much they charge for shipping a car to or from Oklahoma. When you contact their team, they will ask you whether you are looking for enclosed or open carrier services. Choose the one whichever suits your requirements. 

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How to prepare your car for shipping?

  • Washing your Car: It is extremely important to wash your car outside before you handover it to your shipping company. Cleaning your car allows you to notice any existing scratches or dings. This will help you catch any additional damage which may occur during the shipping process. It is also necessary to clean the interior of your car. Remove all the clutter to make your car look a new house. 
  • Documents: You must keep your ID proofs and car related documents ready like car insurance proof, vehicle registration form etc. Your service provider may ask you these documents when collecting your vehicle for shipping. If you don’t keep the documents ready, you might end up wasting your time. 
  • Remove Personal Items: Most of people store some of their heavy boxes in their car. Make sure that you remove all such things before you hand over your car to your service provider. The reason for this is your car shipping company will not take the responsibility for your personal items in your car. Items stored in your car will not be insured against damage or theft. 

Remove all your personal items like mobile phones, tablets, sun glasses etc. Additional items in your car could result in increase in your car’s weight. As the shipping charges also depends on your car’s weight, you must avoid adding additional items to it.

  • Empty Your Gas Tank: Because your automobile will be transported on a car carrier rather than being driven, you won’t need to top up your tank before shipping. Also, more gas means more weight for your vehicle and car carrier, which can increase your transportation cost. Instead, fill your petrol tank to about a quarter capacity.

Prepare your car for shipping by following the above tips to save your money and time!