Racext™️ Motorcycle Exhaust: should you install it ? Reviews and guide


Do you really need to change the original motorcycle exhaust? Here are the pros and cons of the sports exhaust, we will analyze the sports exhaust for motorcycles proposed by Racext™️ under the magnifying glass.

In the Mondiali motorcycle scene, industrial quantities of motorcycles with aftermarket mufflers that are decidedly intriguing in terms of sound circulate. It therefore happens that one wonders whether or not it is appropriate to change the original motorcycle exhaust with one of the sports type.

Do these changes produce any real improvements?

Racext™️ Motorcycle Exhaust: should you install it ? Reviews and guide


The curiosity is more than legitimate, since in some cases the stock motorcycle exhaust could represent a real “plug” capable of reducing the potential of an engine.

The exhaust of a modern motorcycle consists of several parts:

– The exhaust manifold, generally made of stainless steel and of the “4 in 1” type, ie with all four manifold pipes that join together in one. Or of the 4-2-1 type: that is, with the manifold pipes 1 and 4 that are joined to the group of pipes 2 and 3 and subsequently grouped into one (or 2 at most).

– The last part is made up of the catalyst connection which very often also includes the catalyst inside.

Inside the single motorcycle exhaust terminal there are two or more chambers with walls divided by pipes that force the incoming exhaust gases to make a perturbed turn before venting. This creates, depending on the designer’s intentions, a more or less strong brake on the gases that gives rise to the silencing, but also to a considerable back pressure.


Simulation of flow inside a catalytic converter : source

Racext™️ motorcycle exhaust: should you install it? reviews and guide


This noise damping system is particularly effective at low frequencies and a little less at high frequencies. This is why often inside there are bulkheads padded with soundproofing made of glass or rock wool to reduce high frequencies. In the most “racing” applications, the exhaust end is almost never equipped with a catalyst. At most, if any, it is of the metal type with a low cell density, which in practice generates a very negligible resistance to the passage of gases.

The interior consists of a perforated stainless steel or ferritic tube, also titanium alloys and “racing” materials such as Inconel. In all common exhausts the silencer is wrapped in a thick layer of rock wool or glass wool, while the DB Killer is placed in the final part. It is nothing more than a perforated tube, generally closed at the inner end which has the task of dampening the “voice” of the engine to allow homologation without penalizing too much performance.

Is the aftermarket exhaust bad for the engine?

Basically, an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust will not damage your motorcycle’s engine.

While we were perusing various motorcycle forums, we found that most people argue that it is best to stick to the factory installed motorcycle exhaust as it is specially developed and tested by the manufacturer for your specific motorcycle style.

But think of it this way, your pre-installed drain was designed with a budget in mind. This creates the possibility that the manufacturer has not been able to install the best exhaust for your bike at the price you paid for it.

And then comes a better opportunity … a top-notch aftermarket exhaust with an improved design and not limited by emissions regulations.

The truth is, a high quality aftermarket exhaust helps improve the performance of your engine and helps you drive even faster.

But how?

To understand this, consider your engine as a pump that draws in a precisely metered fuel mixture and eliminates (exhaust) the burnt air plus fuel.

If pumping efficiency is improved, drain flow can be improved.

And this will reduce the amount of effort your engine has to put in to expel exhaust gases, especially when combined with improvements in air and fuel flow on the intake side.

Other ways the best motorcycle exhausts can impact your motorcycle include:

  • Sound: A new aftermarket can significantly improve the rumbling sound of your bike
  • Appearance: Aftermarket exhausts look better than the ugly factory installed exhaust on your motorcycle. You can find a chrome tube or even a full carbon racing system.
  • Lose some weight: Most aftermarket are made from lighter materials than OEM models

Having clarified that a sports exhaust can bring important improvements to the performance and sound of our vehicle, the difficulty lies in finding the best compromise between quality and price.

The exhaust that aroused our attention on paper for its very competitive cost and the characteristics that on paper seem first-rate is the exhaust proposed by Racext™ ️, So we decided to buy it and reviewed it in order to evaluate if it really is a best seller or is it just smoke in the eyes.


Having trouble deciding the best motorcycle exhaust for your beloved bike? If so, you are not alone.

Having trouble deciding the best motorcycle exhaust for your beloved bike? If so, you are not alone.

Many other bicycle owners, especially beginners with little knowledge of exhaust systems, usually struggle to choose a suitable exhaust system.

Ideally, you want to get something that looks sexier, produces that booming sound you’ve always obsessed with, save weight, and improve your bike’s overall performance.

BUT … above all, you want an aftermarket exhaust that fits your bike perfectly.

So where do you start from? What are you looking for?

Our research team did 99.9% of the work for you. We’ve listened to various motorcycle exhausts on YouTube, scanned various bike forums, and read user feedback on exhaust systems to help you find the perfect one for your motorcycle.


If you are looking for the best sounding motorcycle exhaust that turns your motorcycle into a real road bike with great sound quality, this model will meet your needs.

You will immediately fall in love with the sound produced by this system. It provides you with a fully removable baffle that you can use to turn thud into a great, low, deep sound. If you want a loud sound, all you have to do is remove the deflector.

Another cool thing about this exhaust system is that it is incredibly quick and easy to install. You can easily figure out which part goes where it goes without looking at any instructions … the whole process should take around 10-15 minutes. No soldering is required.

The quality is also excellent for this model. It boasts an aluminum and stainless steel construction for excellent durability. The aluminum tip keeps things light. The springs are of excellent quality and will help hold the adapters securely in place.


Don’t forget that it features a carbon fiber adhesive finish, which gives your bike a boost in appearance.

Despite the excellent build quality, audio performance and sleek appearance, this exhaust system is incredibly affordable. Why spend several hundred dollars on a slip-on exhaust while you can get a cheaper option with equally great features?

Features highlighted:

  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Removable deflector to change the sound
  • Aesthetically pleasing carbon fiber finish
  • Extremely easy to install