How to check if a car is written off and sold on salvage auction


Have you been contemplating buying a written off vehicle? You must have a qualified mechanic thoroughly inspect the vehicle. The mechanic should ensure that the repairs were completed correctly and that the vehicle is relatively safe to drive. It is also advisable that you carry out a car salvage check of the car before purchasing, this will make you aware of historical write off information.

Examining a vehicle’s history is one of the most important steps when purchasing a used car. Being aware of the vehicle’s history is essential to make an informed judgment on whether the car is the right fit for you or not. Purchasing a car that was badly damaged can significantly impact both its resale value and the safety of the vehicle.

The following points will assist you in determining if a car is a write-off:

  1. Look up any accident history

The first step in looking for a vehicle’s accident history is to obtain the registration number of the vehicle. The reg plate can be found on the vehicle or V5 document. Acquiring a detailed vehicle history report allows you to examine past accidents or incidents that might have led to the car being declared a write-off.

  1. Check for indication of salvage

Carefully examine the car for any visible signs of extensive damage or repairs, such as irregular body panels or uneven paintwork. The presence of a salvage title indicates that the car was previously written off by an insurance company due to significant damage.

  1. Seek professional inspection

Engaging a reputable mechanic or vehicle inspector can provide a comprehensive assessment of the car’s condition and help uncover any hidden damage. Keep in mind that a car with a write-off history is likely to have a reduced resale value, even after repairs.

Why the accident history report of a vehicle is important?

Customers who buy brand-new cars right out of the dealership do not need to get vehicle accident history reports. Since the car has not been used, it should not have any issues. In case, there are any issues with the vehicle, the manufacturer should notify you right away and issue a recall.

A free car check will reveal the recall details by simply entering the reg number into the search field.

However, with the sudden increase in inflation worldwide, most consumers have resorted to the use of second-hand vehicles. Therefore, checking the vehicle for any previous accident history has become of immense importance.

Moreover, these reports cater to the consumer with the advantages of foresight and knowledge on buying the right vehicle. It safeguards you from overpaying for poor performance of the vehicle you intend to buy.

To sum up

Ultimately, adequate awareness about the accident history of the vehicle will protect you from not various certain possible safety risks. It will additionally safeguard you from any ensuing legal or financial damages. Once you are aware of your car’s unintentional past, you can keep your head held high and focus on the road.