How to Care for Your Car or Truck to Keep It in Better Condition


Even though it’s cold outside, it’s still important to keep your car or truck clean. Consider the following tips for cleaning your vehicle. And, if you need service and repair, reach out to Lenz Auto. They can assist you with keeping your vehicle running smoothly while you work on it looking great.

Upkeep of the Interior

A well-kept car suggests that its owner is trustworthy. It helps keep the interior of your car clean and clear of dust while also enhancing the exterior appeal. Cleaning with a damp cloth is an easy way to get rid of dirt and dust. Simply use a mild cleaning agent; staying away from using too much water could damage your upholstery.

Cleaning the Upholstery

Nobody wants to travel in a filthy vehicle. It’s ugly, and if the trash gets in your way, it may be fatal. Start by making it a routine to regularly clean your car, paying special attention to the seats, carpets, and floor mats because they are all crumbs magnets. Use a moist cloth to wipe away any dirt, dust, or residue from leather seats. Regular garbage pickup, cleaning, and dusting are needed to keep rubbish from piling up.

It can be difficult to eliminate lingering odors if you’ve ever had your kids tear up the upholstery or spilled coffee on your car seats. Baking soda, however, offers a quick and efficient fix. The issue can be resolved by simply liberally sprinkling baking soda over the trouble spots and vacuuming it up after a few minutes. Baking soda keeps your car clean and fresh by absorbing scents, and it’s safe for all kinds of upholstery. When you next need to clean the upholstery in your car, give it a try.

Hard-to-Reach Spots

Use a toothbrush to clean confined spaces in your car. In cracks and other tight spaces, filth and grime that has accumulated are easier to remove with the help of the bristles. In addition, a toothbrush can reach areas that a cloth or sponge cannot. For instance, the area between the seats and beneath the gear shift can be cleaned with a toothbrush. To avoid scratching the surfaces of your car, use a fresh toothbrush with soft bristles.

Maintaining the Exterior

Regular cleaning not only keeps your car looking great, but it may also extend its lifespan. The body of your car can be protected from rust and corrosion by clearing away debris and salt. Rust and corrosion can be avoided by keeping the undercarriage clean. Fill a pail halfway with warm water and dish soap to thoroughly clean your car.

Scrub the exterior of the car with a sponge, paying close attention to any areas where dirt and grime tend to collect. With a hose, mist the wheels and undercarriage. Eliminate any accumulated brake or road tar dust. The wheels and bottom should then be cleaned and dried using a towel. By according to these simple instructions, you can keep your car looking and operating well for many years.

Contact Lenz Auto for your Auto Needs

Your car has to be cleaned regularly for both aesthetic and health reasons. In addition to keeping the inside and exterior in good condition, routine cleaning also helps to prevent rust and corrosion. Our crew at Lenz Auto is knowledgeable in a range of automotive services, including oil changes, brake repair, and maintenance if you see any rust or corrosion. To ensure that you can drive safely, we help keep your car in good working order. To schedule an appointment, get in touch with Lenz Auto, the top truck dealer in Wisconsin, right away.