How Are Tow Truck Services Done In Bangkok?


Bangkok has many tow truck service providers, and finding the best one is tricky. People often get confused about what tow truck service does and how it works. So here I am going to tell you about some basic things related to tow trucks and also what kind of cars they can tow.

How are Tow Truck Services done in Bangkok?

You can call the tow truck service to pick up your car. The tow truck driver will bring your vehicle to the repair shop and drop it off. The shop will fix your car, and when it’s done, they’ll call you. You can then go pick up your vehicle from the repair shop.

When Are Tow Truck Services Required In Bangkok?

Tow Truck Services Are Required In The Following Situations:

  • If your car is stuck in a ditch or mud.
  • If your vehicle is stuck in the snowdrift.
  • If your vehicle is stuck in a pothole or river.

Can A Leased Car Be Towed?

Yes, it’s true. Even a leased or rented car might be towed. You must advise the driver that your vehicle is leased and submit other documents (like proof of registration).

If you’ve borrowed someone’s car and it breaks down, they may be unable to organize a tow. If they had told you about their policy before renting the car, there wouldn’t be any surprises. Metropolitan cities in Bangkok like Ratchada and Pathuwan have the best forklift, tow truck, and car repair services available. To check them out, you can look for Slide car Ratchada (รถสไลด์รัชดา, Which is the term in Thai) and Slide car Pathumwan  (รถสไลด์ปทุมวัน, term in Thai)

What Kind Of Cars Can Be Towed By A Tow Truck Service In Bangkok?

Tow Truck Services are the best option to move your vehicle if you’ve had an accident and need to get it repaired or if you’re moving and can’t drive it. They also offer a variety of other services, like:

  • Towing Service: When your automobile may be broken down or in a ditch.
  • Car Repairs: No matter what kind of problem is with your vehicle, they will do all the work necessary for the repairs themselves.

The essential tow truck services and how they are done.

The tow truck companies provide tow truck services. The tow truck drivers do the tow truck services. The towing services in Bangkok can be done at any time of day or night, depending on your need and convenience.

The Basic Tow Truck Service Includes:

  • It is towing your vehicle to a safe location where it can be parked safely and securely.
  •  It is disabling all doors, windows, and fuel tank caps.
  • Ensure all lights are off before lifting the vehicle onto a flatbed with safety chains attached to each corner of the car or motorcycle being towed behind it (pulling).


To avoid accidents, it is essential to be aware of Bangkok’s road rules and regulations. You must also understand the essential tow truck services and how they are done. With all this knowledge, you will be able to enjoy more time on the road without any worries about getting stuck somewhere due to an accident or breakdown.