Different Types of Armored Vehicles


Armored cars are often used in transporting valuables like gold, money, and jewelry. They are also used to transport high-risk individuals who need to be protected against threats. When you’re looking for an armored vehicle, it’s important to know the different types of armored vehicles on the market so that you can make a decision according to your needs.

A Troy Armoring armored suv is perfect for transporting high-risk individuals and valuables against attacks. To know furthermore, you should look at different types of armored vehicles on the market to know their features and characteristics. This will helps you to decide according to your needs. You should buy an armored vehicle that fits the need of your activity.

Here are different types of basic armored vehicles.

  • SUVs/Sedans

Armored SUV/sedans are armored vehicles that offer the highest level of protection with the lowest possible level of weight. They are very easy to drive and can be driven in any weather condition. An armored SUV/sedan is always a great choice when you need a basic and no-frills level of protection. It is perfect for individuals who have threats against them.

  • Cash in Transit

When you need an armored car to transport money or valuables from one place to another, it’s important that you decide according to your need. There are several different types of armored cars on the market. For example, armored cars equipped with bulletproof glass can be used for transporting cash in transit. These armored vehicles are ideal because they leave the driver and passengers protected against various threats found on the road.

  • Police/SWAT/Tactical

In addition to armored SUVs, there are special police and tactical armored vehicles that can be used for transporting high-risk individuals or valuables. The use of military-grade armor helps to keep the driver and passengers safe from attacks.

  • Heavy Trucks

Before buying an armored truck, you need to know that this type of vehicle is usually meant for transporting high-risk valuables. This type of vehicle is not ideal for transporting small valuables. It’s perfect for the transportation of large items because the armored body protects its occupants against attacks.

  • Military

Armored military trucks are the most protected vehicles on the market. The use of military-grade armor helped to keep its driver and passengers safe from attacks. In addition, these vehicles can be used in different terrains.