How Can Your Vinyl Graphics Steal the Show?


Look at it this way – in the fast-paced digital world full of visual clutter, gaining attention is a challenge for brands. However, where most businesses go wrong is that they are not using their company vehicles as a marketing tool!

Put some “customer-attracting-vinyl-graphics” on that good looking vehicle, and you’ve got yourself a mobile advertisement that works 24/7, no matter where you go.

But here’s the thing: not all graphics wraps are the same. A plain logo plastered on the side door often gets lost among the mass of minivans or pickup trucks. Now, how exactly can you give your coloured vinyl a nice and fascinating look?

1. Punchy Design is Key:

Imagine your car with the vinyl graphic as an easy way to engage with people and share information about yourself with them. People shouldn’t need a magnifier to make it out clearly while they fly past at 40 mph.

Please keep it simple, bold and easy to read. The font of the company name should be big and clear. The contact details of the company should be distinctly displayed. Here’s a tip: if your grandma will not be able to recognize your design from afar, then your design might be too complex.

2. Colour it Loud (But Not Too Loud):

Colours are powerful tools. You might want bright colours to be the centre of attention, yet you should never go overboard. You may want to select colours that go along with your brand and logo.

You’ve probably heard how high-contrast designs like black and white or red and yellow are timeless for a reason. They are not only easy on the eyes but work also as a powerful remedy to make your message stick out.

3. Embrace the Unexpected (a Little): 

Okay, hear me out. While traditional graphic on the side door is risk-free, don’t be hesitant to bring some originality to it. Consider utilizing unusual shapes, encompassing a part of the vehicle entirely or integrating 3D elements instead. The key here is to be “interesting” without causing confusion. Try the combination of “creativity” and “clarity”.

4. Allow the Images to Speak for You

There are times when one picture is worth a thousand words. Add high-grade photos of your product, service, or customers to your vinyl designs for a greater impact. It is a quick way of prepping your prospects by showcasing what you do and why they should select you.

5. It’s All About Placement:

Just like a well-framed painting, placement matters. Prime locations like the vehicle doors, hood, and back will get the most eyeballs. Think strategically about the flow of traffic and where people will naturally look. Avoid cluttering the driver’s side window (safety first!), and keep it balanced for a polished look.

Bonus Tip: Make it Interactive!

Why not take your vinyl graphics a step further and incorporate a QR code? This lets curious passersby instantly access your website or social media with a quick scan. It’s a clever way to drive traffic and engagement.

To sign off

Following these tips can transform your company vehicle from a run-of-the-mill ride into a magnetic mobile advertisement. So, ditch the bland and embrace the bold. Get your graphics wraps working overtime, turning every street you drive down into a mini marketing parade!