Will Solid State Rechargeable Batteries Take Over The EV Industry By 2030? 



What Is The Problem With The Conventional Batteries? 

Conventional Li-ion batteries are irreplaceable in the electric vehicle industry at present. The Li-ion nickel, cobalt, and manganese (NCM) batteries have taken massive roles in battery production in the automotive and electronics sectors. Conventional Li-ion batteries are popular as they are affordable, and their performance is well enough. 

The NCM battery’s price has reduced in the past few years, making it more widely used. But the Li-ion battery has some major flaws. 

  1. It is unsafe because the ethylene carbonate in it is flammable. If the battery catches fire, it emits toxic gasses harmful to the environment and people. 
  2. Producing NCM batteries results in the exhaustion of world cobalt reserves. 

How Is Solid-State Battery Better Than The NCM Battery? 

Volta Technology has developed a solid-state rechargeable battery for the EV revolution. The solid-state battery has the capability to take over the EV industry by eliminating the problems listed above. 

Benefits of Solid-State Rechargeable Battery: – 

  •  It has about thrice the energy density of a Li-ion battery. 
  • The solid-state battery is non-combustible. 
  • It reduces the threat of thermal runaway. 
  • The solid glass electrolytes are highly efficient even at a lower than zero degrees Celsius temperature. 
  • These solid-state batteries are cost-efficient. 
  • Using this battery will lower toxic gas emissions.  
  • The battery is compact and lightweight. 
  • The battery recharges way faster than a Lithium-ion battery. 

All these reasons show that solid-state rechargeable batteries will soon become widely used in the EV industry. The EV batteries need this revolution within the next decade.   

The shipping industry will be beneficial from the use of the solid-state battery. Considering the benefits, it is evident that the solid-state battery will soon take over the automotive industry.  

Volta Technology Limited is working with one of the most sophisticated technologies to pave the path to revolution.  Their solid-state battery technology is able to retain 90% of its capacity even after 5k cycles.